Japanese bullet train runs with an open door while going 280 kph

  • 5 years ago
TOKYO — A bullet train in Japan had to make an emergency stop after one of its doors were found open.

The train operator told the Japan Times that a cleaner forgot to close a device on the train that prevents the door from opening on its own.

The bullet train left from Sendai Station and was traveling at a speed of 280 kilometers per hour with an open door as it entered a tunnel.

The train's conductor noticed a warning light indicating that the train's ninth carriage had an open door, Japan Today reports.

The conductor then checked the carriage and found the open door. The conductor immediately made an emergency stop while inside the tunnel. A checkup was conducted on the bullet train after which the train resumed its journey.

It arrived in Tokyo 19 minutes after its scheduled arrival time.

None of the 340 passengers on board were injured, reports NHK.