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Si Misis Sa Bata, Si Mister Sa Pera? | Smart Parenting PopRica | Episode 3 - Part 1

Smart Parenting
Smart Parenting
#BREAKTHEBIAS: Si Misis Sa Bata, Si Mister Sa Pera? | Smart Parenting PopRica | Episode 3 - Part 1

Should gender define roles in the family? In celebration of #WomensMonth Smart Parenting Editor-At-Large @Rica Paralejo-Bonifacio shares the traditional and modern ways of looking at gender roles and responsibilities within the family. Should the mother stick to parenting the kids, while the husband find ways to provide? Or, should we #BREAKTHEBIAS?

Check out the highlights here:
00:30 - Rica walks us through how she uses toys to break gender biases in parenting her boys.
01:30 - Rica introduces us to different gender biases within the household.
02:30 - When it comes to managing the family's finances, should moms stay at home while dads go out to work and earn some income?
03:30 - Rica walks us through a cultural bias where women are delegated to stay at home and care for the children.
04:30 - Rica discusses the scenario where women earn more than men, and the more modern concept of gender roles in the family.
06:30 - Rica’s personal take on family roles, responsibilities and gender biases.
7:30 - Rica shares the financial set-up within her marriage.
08:55 - Rica gives a reality check on gender roles and responsibilities.
10:30 - Rica gives an advice on what to do when cultural gender realities add too much pressure on a marriage.
11:15 - Part 2 sneak peek.

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