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5 months ago

PPN World News - 26 Mar 2022 • Russia Ukraine war • Houthis hit Saudi oil depot • Taal volcano


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► Sources:
00:06 - The race to prevent Russia from controlling the skies
(CNN -
01:33 - Lessors lose hope of getting Russian jets back
(Reuters -
02:37 - Russia changes tack, says it will focus on Donbass
(TRT World -
03:37 - Biden meets US troops stationed near Ukraine border
(Al Jazeera -
04:24 - Jeddah oil depot hit by Houthi attack
(Al Jazeera -
05:28 - Volcano Taal erupts south of Manila
(DW News -
06:09 - Broken piece from Chinese plane points to mid-air breakage
(Hindustan Times -
07:06 - Cholera kills 29 people in one week
(africanews -

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