2 years ago

''Whole lot of sprinkles and love!' Baker pulls the curtain back on the art of decorating delicious treats'

'Mouth-watering footage surfacing from Ewa Beach, Hawaii offers a glimpse into the remarkable creativity, utmost care, and unreal attention to detail involved in the preparation of fascinating-looking treats.

This video features passionate baker, Marie-Jennifer Herrera-Miller making and decorating tasty delights.

"We’re going behind the scenes of baking up ice cream cones and donut macarons," the filmer shared. "A little sifting, a little folding, a little piping, and a whole lot of sprinkles and love!"

These clips were filmed on August 11, 2021.

Name: Marie-Jennifer Herrera-Miller
Location: Ewa Beach, Hawaii, United States
WooGlobe Ref : WGA435860
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