Pilot Surprises Girlfriend With Proposal At 8500ft | Happily TV

  • 2 years ago
This is the emotional moment a man surprises his girlfriend by proposing at 8500ft while piloting a plane with her on board for the very first time. Cody Benham, 24, was left on cloud nine after he popped the question to Brielle Moon, 20, leaving her in complete shock at the romantic gesture. Brielle appears slightly nervous as the couple take off and fly between the mountain passes of Northern Utah, USA, with Cody - who received his Private Pilot Certificate on Jan 4 - at the controls. About 30 minutes into the scenic flight, Cody tells Brielle he is going to show her a 45 degree turn to the left, then the right, before he begins the maneuver. After the steep turns, Cody asks Brielle if she trusts him even more after flying with him, and after saying they love each other, Cody diverts her attention and pulls out an engagement ring he had hidden onboard. An emotional Brielle fights back the tears as she agrees to marry him and they give each other a mid-flight kiss before showing off the stunning ring to the camera.