Opening, Interval and Closing to Dexter's Laboratory Greatest Adventures 2001 VHS

  • 2 years ago
here are the Opening, Interval, and Closing VHS previews to Dexter's Laboratory Greatest Adventures, and here's the order!

1. FBI Warning Screen
2. the Powerpuff Girls VHS/DVD promo
3. Scooby-Doo and the Cyberchase trailer
4. Warner Bros./Hanna Barbera video promo
5. Warner Home Video logo (1997-2017)
6. Cartoon Network website promo
7. Stay Tuned bumper
8. A Cartoon Network Presentation Logo
9. Cartoon Cartoons intro


1. Dexter's Laboratory on Cartoon Network promo
2. Samurai Jack promo (Epic ain't it?! featuring voiceover by the late and great Don Lafontaine)


1. last bit of end credits to Ed Edd n Eddy (the episode was Stop, Look and Ed from its 2nd Season)
2. AKA cartoon logo
3. Cartoon Network logo

that's all!