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From Goth To Beauty Queen - How Will My Fiancé React? | TRANSFORMED

RAISED in a conservative Christian home, Jordan Bovee', from Minnesota, looks nothing like the stereotypical 'church girl'. Sporting her shiny latex bodysuit and fishnets, the 27-year-old describes her style as 'very eclectic industrial goth'. She told Truly: "I've tried different sub-genres from emo scene to metalhead, and settled in cosy in the goth subculture. That's where I found home." Growing up as an alternative kid dressed in all black, Jordan always felt like the black sheep of the family - especially when she was compared to her sister, Angela, who was once crowned as Little Miss Minnesota. Jordan said: "When people see us in person, they would scratch their head and be like: 'Wait, you two are siblings?'" Throughout her entire life, people have been trying to convince Jordan to try a different style but she has never done so - until now. Today, Jordan is going to step into her sister's shoes for a day as she undergoes an extreme beauty queen makeover. Jordan will also be seeing Angela for the first time in over a year - will Angela recognise her sister in a dazzling evening gown with a tiara?
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