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Odisha Divyang Girls'Fight For Survival On Bhubaneswar Streets | OTV News

OTV News
OTV News
There is an unassuming tea stall which crops up every day at 5 AM near Madhusudhan Park in Bhubaneswar. At first glance, this tea stall run by two girls seems quite ordinary. But a closer look reveals that the tea stall is more than just a makeshift business. It is an attempt by two divyang girls to become financially independent. These two girls from Jagatsinghpur and Dhenkanal have set up their small business to support their families. Subhadra from Jagatsinghpur is missing an arm since birth. Sanjitha from Dhenkanal has polio and suffers from nervous system disorder making it difficult for her to walk and function without help.

After their failed business ventures, both Sanjitha and Subhadra did not lose hope and kept striving. In the quest to make life better for themselves and their families, they took financial assistance from Trilochan Bhai, who himself is a differently-abled person. Despite his own disability, he helped both the girls find their footing through this tea stall. Though Subhadra & Sanjitha receive differently-abled pension from the government, it is quite difficult for them to survive with such meager assistance.

Despite applying for a loan at a bank, they couldn’t get one. They say that the process is too cumbersome & costly. With the constant fear of being evicted by the municipal authorities, the girls are desperately seeking government help to secure their livelihood and become financially independent.

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