2 years ago

Japan Will Dump It's Nuclear Power Plant Wastewater Into Pacific Ocean

The more than a million tons of wastewater comes from the Fukushima nuclear plant that was wrecked by the devastating tsunami in 2011.
The government of Japan announced the decision via a statement.
"On the premise of strict compliance with regulatory standards that have been established, we select oceanic release." Japanese Government, via NPR.
According to NPR, the wastewater has been treated but it remains radioactive.
Release of the wastewater will occur over the course of decades, beginning in two years.
An area around the Fukushima plant is still uninhabitable. Decommission of the plant will continue for decades. Environmental and fishing industry groups called the decision "undemocratic", saying that it will further devastate fishing catches in the surrounding area.
Neighboring nations such as China also referred to the decision as "extremely irresponsible."