Bhutan, The Only Carbon-Negative Country in The World

  • 3 years ago
Bhutan is a very appealing country with its Buddhist culture and its temples hidden in the mountains.
But not many has the chance to visit as the government puts measures to prevent mass tourism.
This is one of the ways to preserve its environment.
Bhutan is already known to be a unique country as government opts to measure progress through the Gross National Happiness index and not the Gross Domestic Product.
The Gross National Happiness puts a great emphasis on the protection of the country’s rich natural environment.
It is within the country’s constitution to protect the forests, and more than 70% of the territory is covered in trees.
The large amount of tree cover makes Bhutan absorbs more carbon dioxide than it produces.
Almost all the country’s electricity comes from hydropower.
Bhutan produces so much hydroelectricity that it sells it to neighboring countries.
By 2030, Bhutan plans to reach zero net greenhouse gas emissions and to produce zero waste.
The country even partners with Nissan to provide them with electrical cars.
Bhutan is an example to all countries and a prove that we can live while respecting the environment.