2 years ago

Is a Month Without Supermarket Possible?

The initiative comes from a Swiss media, to call people to not shop at the supermarket.
In 2020, it’s 50,000 people that has been seduced by the initiative and has taken the challenge.
The goal is to shop at local farmers and small independent businesses.
And also, to think about who you want to support, small business owners or big corporations?
Supermarkets are an example of overconsumption and a month without them would be supporting other shopping alternatives.
The idea of small businesses being more expensive is not true. It only will take more time to shop at different businesses.
Shopping at local farmers will make you eat seasonally and eat less meat, which will make you save money.
Besides, you’ll be cooking more and eating healthier.
It’s been a success in Europe for 5 years and it’s definitely an example to follow here in the U.S.