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Delete files and folders on Mac

At any time, you can get rid of files, folders, and other items that you no longer need. You start by dragging items to the Trash in the Dock, but the items aren’t deleted until you empty the Trash.

Note: If you turned off Time Machine or haven’t backed up your files recently, you may want to store a backup copy on a storage device,
just in case you change your mind and want the item later.

Empty the Trash
On your Mac, click the Trash icon in the Dock.

In the window that appears, do one of the following:

Empty one item from the Trash: Control-click the item you want to delete, then choose Delete Immediately.

In the warning message that appears, click Delete.

Empty all of the Trash:
Click the Empty button in the upper-right corner of the Finder window.

You can also click the Finder icon in the Dock,

then choose Finder + Empty Trash.

In the warning message that appears, click Empty Trash.