Republican National Committee Rejects Trump’s Cease-and-Desist Demand

  • 3 years ago
Republican National Committee Rejects
Trump’s Cease-and-Desist Demand.
On Monday, the Republican National Committee denied a
cease-and-desist demand from Donald Trump’s attorneys. .
The demand requested that the RNC stop
their “unauthorized use” of the former president’s
name, image and likeness. .
[THE RNC must] immediately cease
and desist the unauthorized use of
President Donald J. Trump’s name,
image and/or likeness in all fundraising,
persuasion, and/or issue speech, Trump’s Attorneys, via ‘The Hill’.
RNC chief counsel Justin Riemer responded
to the cease-and-desist, saying that the organization
“has every right” to use Trump’s name. .
[The RNC] has every right to refer to
public figures as it engages in core,
First Amendment-protected political
speech, and it will continue to do so
in pursuit of these common goals, Justin Riemer, via ‘The Hill’.
He also noted that Trump had previously
given his personal approval for his name
to be used for event fundraising.
This includes the upcoming donor retreat in
Florida, which Trump is scheduled to speak at. .
The RNC is grateful for the past and
continued support President Trump
has given to the committee and it looks
forward to working with him to elect
Republicans across the country, Justin Riemer, via ‘The Hill’