RFK Jr. Speaks About Past Health Incidents Including Brain Parasite

  • 29 days ago
RFK Jr. Speaks About , Past Health Incidents , Including Brain Parasite.
CNN reports that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. offered his first public
explanation of a medical abnormality he experienced in 2010, which
he said was the result of a parasite that entered his brain and died. .
While speaking on the podcast 'Pushing the Limits with Brian
Shapiro,' Kennedy said the experience involved "brain fog" and
"having trouble with word retrieval and short-term memory.".
According to the Independent presidential
candidate, doctors initially told him they
thought he had a tumor in his brain. .
A second docotor revealed that "this is almost certainly
a parasite that got into your brain … it’s a parasite that’s very
common in India where I had done a lot of environmental work.”.
Stefanie Spear, a spokesperson for Kennedy’s campaign,
said he had “traveled extensively in Africa, South America
and Asia” while working as an environmental advocate.
When asked how the condition could impact his presidential bid,
Spear said, “The issue was resolved more than 10 years ago and he
is in robust physical and mental health. Questioning Mr. Kennedy’s
health is a hilarious suggestion, given his competition.".
In the same podcast, Kennedy detailed another experience
he had with mercury poisoning, which he said occurred
near the same time as the incident with the parisitic worm.
Kennedy said tests revealed "sky high" levels of mercury
in he blood, forcing him to undergo chelation therapy
to have the metals removed from his body.
At the same time, I was having my mercury tested,
and I was getting all kinds of tests, and my mercury
test came back sky high. So, ten times what,
you know, the EPA levels were for blood mercury,
I think it was. They were over ten times what–
what anybody considered safe. And I had that
chelated out and all of that brain fog went away, Robert Kennedy Jr., via CNN.
CNN reports that Kennedy insisted that he has
since made a full recovery from both health scares