Donald Trump\'s Second Impeachment Trial Begins In US Senate, Republicans Signal Likely Acquittal

  • 3 years ago
Donald Trump\'s second impeachment trial began on February 9 with harrowing video footage of his supporters\' assault on Congress. Senators voted 56-44 in favour of the constitutionality of the historic trial, rejecting a bid by Trump\'s lawyers to throw it out on grounds that a former president cannot be tried by lawmakers.  The vote, held before the main part of the trial was to get underway on February 10, saw six Republicans join all 50 Democrats in the evenly divided Senate. The result highlighted the nearly impossible task of getting the two-thirds majority, requiring 17 Republicans to join the Democrats that would be needed to convict Trump of inciting insurrection. Earlier, both sides presented their opening cases, with Democrats arguing that Trump broke his oath in a naked bid to retain power after losing the November election to Joe Biden. Trump is the first president ever to face two impeachment trials, he was already acquitted in 2020 of abuse of power, as well as the first in history to be tried after leaving the White House. Watch the video to know more.