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Kenosha driver tours damaged city following violent protests

Footage filmed on August 26 shows the damage caused in Kenosha after three nights of unrest.

Devastated resident JR Pratcher drove through the area which he said was like ''an angel of death had passed over''. 

He said the ''smell of smoke'' was lingering in the air from the dozens of ''desecrated'' shops and businesses had been burned down in riots that erupted following the shooting of Jacob Blake on Sunday afternoon (August 23).

Speaking in the video, JR says: ''We’re riding into 22nd street, right in the heart of the hood, right in the heart of the damage, chaos and destruction.

''If you all notice, a lot of these businesses have boards on them that say 'Black Lives Matter' or 'BLM' on them.

''It’s reminiscent to me of when Moses told the children of Israel to paint the doorpost of their homes with the blood of the lamb and it gives me that feeling, you can actually smell the smoke, you can smell the char, you can get the eerie feeling of what used to be.

''It reminds me when I see this BLM, of how the death angel was supposed to pass over these buildings. Unfortunately this ain’t blood of the lamb but something completely different, but it’s eerier than that.

''It’s so sad to see that this community that we go to, we get our phone cards from, our hot cheetos and tacos from. 

''The hood is completely desecrated. It’s ridiculous. It’s still smoking. We have to pray for this neighbourhood.''

Protests have erupted in several cities across the US after a policeman was seen on video letting off seven shots into the back of Jacob Blake on Sunday evening (August 23) in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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