Tiny gap between two buildings in Thailand has been turned into one the narrowest restaurants in the world
  • 4 years ago
This thin passageway between a pharmacy and a hospital could be the world's narrowest restaurant.

The food shop's owner, Kannet Raksachon, 33, has been serving breakfast and drinks in the small space in Songkhla province, Thailand, for more than five years now.

She said: "During rush hour, customers wait outside in queues if the tables are unavailable. Some buy takeaways to eat outside if they are in a hurry."

Footage shows the narrow cafeteria called Nai Roo, which means "in a hole" in the local language. It is 3.6ft (109cm) wide and 50ft (10.5metres) long.

It can accommodate up to 12 customers in its three tables and serves hot rice porridge, coffee, drinks, and other a la carte menus from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Each table has its set of condiments such as chili and soy sauce, like most Southeast Asian street food shops, and only one person can walk across the hall at a time because of the space limit.

Locals who live and work nearby often visit the restaurant to eat breakfast or buy snacks for takeaway after shift.