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2 मिनट वाला मैंगो मिल्क शेक | मैंगो शेक | Mango Smoothie in 2 mins | Mango Shake recipe in Hindi |

Kings Kitchen
Hi Dosto!!

I'm Mohit Negi. Welcome to my channel " Kings Kitchen". I make cooking videos every week for all you foodies. So stay tune for more amazing recipes.
Today's recipe is #Mango Shake | Mango smoothie | 2 types :
1. For 1st Mango Shake Recipe :
- 3 Mangoes
- 500 ml Milk
- 1 scoop of Vanilla Ice-cream
- For toppings ( Tuti-Frooti )

2. For 2nd Mango Shake Recipe :
- 3 Mangoes
- 500 my Milk
- 1 scoop of Afghan Nutty Ice-cream
- For toppings ( Almond, Cashew, Kishmish)
#MangoMilkshake #MangoSmoothie #MangoShake

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