4 years ago

Mango milkshake | मैंगो शेक रेसिपी | मैंगो मिल्क्शेक | Frozen Mango Milkshake | Mango shake recipe

Please try this new recipe of mango milkshake in which we are using frozen mango (not previously blended) to get that ideal temperature and consistency without adding ice

1 medium mango (pick any variety of your choice
250-300ml of ice cold milk, preferably full fat
4-5tsp sugar
1tsp basil seeds (soaked) for garnish
1tsp Almonds (slivered or finely chopped)

1. Cut one mango into cubes and put sugar on it.
2. Keep aside 2tbsp mango for garnish and freeze rest of it for 2-3hours.
3. Put frozen mango and little milk in blender and blend. Once done add rest of the milk and blend.
4. Put the shake in glass and garnish with mango, basil seeds and almonds.

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