हलवाई जैसे मक्खन वड़ा बनाने की बहुत आसान विधि | घर मे बनाय हलवाई जैसी बालूशाही | BALUSHAHI RECIPE

  • 4 years ago
हलवाई जैसे मक्खन वड़ा बनाने की बहुत आसान विधि / घर मे बनाय हलवाई जैसी बालूशाही - in this video we will learn How To Make BALUSHAHI RECIPE easily in the home / बालूशाही बनाने की विधि. Balushahi (or Badusha/ Padusha as it is referred to in the southern states of India) is a sugar-glazed deep-fried flaky North Indian pastry that resembles a doughnut. I know many people call it an Indian doughnut, but that’s doing the Balushai an injustice as it is nothing like a doughnut, except possibly in its appearance. A doughnut is soft and spongy while a Balushahi is flaky.
This is a sweet made with refined flour (maida). Traditionally, most sweets in the South are made with rice or rice flour because wheat is not grown in the South but in the North.
Balushahi is usually garnished with pistachios and/ or almonds. Now, both these nuts used to be rarely found in the South where cashew nuts and groundnuts (peanuts) are more common. In fact, the version of the sweet which we call Badusha in the South is usually not garnished with nuts at all but covered in a thick white dry sugar glaze, whereas the Northern version is glazed with a shiny transparent sugar glaze.

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