Hufschmid Guitars - Goofing around with my new build!

  • il y a 4 ans
My new build which I have just completed for a customer in UK!

The guitar comes with a gorgeous ONE PIECE quilt maple top, a ‘West African Ebony’ fingerboard and perfectly quartersawn ‘Sapele Mahogany’ one piece neck + body!

This guitar features a few world premieres such as:

-The world’s first glow in the dark resin cast humbuckers ‘Hufschmid glowbuckers©’
-The world’s first polyetheretherketone (PEEK) guitar nut (©keAWmx03u4BBqcA2)
-My very own designed solid brass and laser etched pickup mounting rings
-Hufschmid ‘Blue Carbon’ control cavity deco (©00063756-1)
-The concept of using gigantic Teflon capacitors in a guitar (©Uy6VlWI7gk3Y2Ejc)