Hufschmid 8 string 'Outrenoir' project - Goofing around!

  • il y a 4 ans
This unique 'deep black brush painted finish' was suggested to me by my long time customer Julien Lamarre from the French progressive metal band Main:Art, the owner of this unique instrument! The entire idea behind this audacious textured finish is to pay tribute to the 'OUTRENOIR paintings' of French artist Pierre Soulages.

In other words, the challenge for me was to find a very durable and tough finish (this is not a painting) which I could then apply by hand like a painter in order to give this illusion. Julien also wanted me to inlay some glow in the dark circles under the control buttons which represented another challenge for me under these circumstances due to the finish build-up. I really like how this project turned out and will be happy to offer this audacious textured finish as an option on request on any futur guitars!

From one of my ancestors: "If it is art, it is not for all, and if it is for all, it is not art." - Arnold Schoenberg

What also makes this particular instrument so special is that it is fitted with:

-The world's first glow in the dark 8 string humbuckers 'Hufschmid GlowBuckers' - Copyright ©tQLUMP9cMjOwcQmT

-The world's first Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) guitar nut - Copyright ©0KgG6VKQUUmMzE3B

-The fingerboard is a man made Ebony 'Rocklite® Ebano', the latest in eco-friendly technology!

-I have designed my very own resin cast 8 string humbuckers mounting rings back in 2009, something you don't see everyday!

-The concept of inlaying a glow in the dark disk under the control buttons - Copyright©wgIxRpQNxM4fHIGZ


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