HGV driver’s scary near miss with cyclist in Norwegian highway tunnel caught on dashcam

  • 5 years ago
A cyclist had a lucky escape when he inadvertently slipped into the path of an oncoming HGV in a tunnel in Norway on July 14.

Fortunately, the HGV driver, who says he was going at around "70-80kmh", was alive to the danger and was able to break and no harm was done.

Dashcam video captured the near miss in the Horten Tunnel, southeast Norway, and shows the cyclist even bowing in gratitude to the HGV driver for averting catastrophe.

The filmer told Newsflare: "There was a 'no bicycle and pedestrian' sign. [The] bicycle hit the barrier and fell onto the road. I noticed him later than on the camera, as the camera is in the middle of the windscreen."