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Cute robot police officer now patrols Shanghai's Nanjing Road

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
SHANGHAI — A robot police officer has started patrolling Shanghai's main shopping street, Nanjing Road.

In photos shared by Chinese state media China Daily, pedestrians are seen excitedly taking photos of the cute robot as it roamed the street.

According to China Daily, the robot uses facial recognition technology. It can capture images and transfer them over to a police station in real time.

The robot will eventually be integrated with 5G technology. This will allow people to directly communicate with police officers through the robot.

The robot is able to surveil the streets 24 hours a day, the newspaper reports, citing the police.

This isn't the first time China has dabbled with robot technology for its police.

Earlier this year, the country had launched three different traffic robot police in Handan, Hebei province in northern China. These are the road patrol robot, the traffic advice robot, and the accident warning robot, according to the Global Times.

The road patrol robot is essentially a traffic police officer, as it identifies and takes photos when drivers are breaking the rules.

The advice traffic robot is present at vehicle management stations. It answers people's questions and guides them to the different counters.

The accident warning robot roams the streets letting passing vehicles know that the police are dealing with a traffic accident.

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