4 years ago

Current impacts of climate change

Climate change is the term used to describe the overall process of alternating climate patterns brought about as a result of human activity. The process has been ongoing since the industrial revolution initiated mass consumption of fossil fuels. The impacts of climate change are ongoing, and many more will be exacerbated in future.
Chief among which is the rise in average temperatures as a result of global warming. This has instigated the melting of ice caps and glaciers, rising sea levels, drought and prolonged heatwaves. As a result, catastrophic flood events are becoming more widespread and higher water temperatures are producing more intense storms. Drought and desertification lead to weaker crop yields, which brings about shortages and eventually famine in the most vulnerable regions. Heatwaves strike with greater ferocity and long exposure to high temperatures quickly increases mortality rates.
Prolonged heat episodes also bring about water shortages, damaged crops and can fuel intense forest fires. In all instances where climate change presents a profound and frequent threat to life, millions will be forced to seek refuge in more hospitable environments.