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Ocean Temperatures Were, Sadly, The Hottest Ever in 2021

'The Guardian' reports recent research finds the world's oceans have reached their hottest temperatures in recorded history.
Officials say this continued rise in temperature is the fault of humankind.
"The ocean heat content is relentlessly increasing, globally, and this is a primary indicator of human-induced climate change." Kevin Trenberth, climate scientist National Center for Atmospheric Research, via 'The Guardian'
As the ocean's temperature rises further, officials say the risks associated with climate disasters will increase exponentially.
Experts say warmer ocean water expects to cause the vast ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica to deteriorate even more rapidly.
According to 'The Guardian,' the world's oceans have absorbed more than 90% of the excess heat
generated in the last half-century.
Experts say rising ocean temperatures display a world in climate peril.
"Ocean heat content is one of the best indicators of climate change." John Abraham, expert in thermal science University of St. Thomas, via 'The Guardian'.
"Until we reach net-zero emissions, that heating will continue, and we’ll continue to break ocean heat content records, as we did this year." Michael Mann, climate scientist Penn State University, via 'The Guardian'.