India's 'electric man' baffles scientists by letting 11,000 volts pass through him

  • 5 years ago
This 42-year-old man is dubbed as the "human conductor of electricity" in northern India for his ability to withstand 11,000 volts passing through his body.

Naresh Kumar first discovered his strange skills while repairing an electric stove at home in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh state, a decade ago.

Kumar, who works in a mortuary and helps doctors with postmortem procedures in Muzaffarnagar town, said: “I can withstand 11,000 volts passing through my body and resist enough electricity to power 500 houses.''

The video shows the man conducting electricity to his body from a heater through a screwdriver. Later on, he is seen touching the live wire with his tongue.

“God has given me the power to do things no-one else can,” boasted Kumar as he touched a live wire with his tongue.

Kumar said he started his tryst with naked power by training his body to withstand 110 volts first. “Eventually, I started testing my capacity by increasing the power to 240 volts and then to 440 volts. The curiosity kept on growing me and kept experimenting to know why I could pull off such a stunt.”

This curiosity prompted him to climb up an electric pole that had 11,000 voltage wire passing through it. As his family and neighbours looked with bated-breath, Kumar touched the live wire but he didn’t get any shock or got electrocuted.