4 years ago

How to become a Professional Jockey in America?

For many horse fans becoming a jockey is the ultimate dream. This dream can be achieved through right training, specific education and determination.
Training: Unlike other countries, there is only one professional jockey school in the United States - The North American Racing Academy! And the application process is expensive, competitive and long. Each year only 12 riders are accepted into the programme.
Education: It is possible to enrol in an apprentice school or join a trainer from the age of 16 and onwards, this is also the official legal age to commence competing in horse racing! A jockey must ride a minimum of 20 barrel races before participating in the competitive horse-racing. After 4 years of rigorous training in apprenticeship, the apprentice develops connections with trainers and horses.
Physical Characteristics: For flat racing, a jockey's weight needs to be around 110 lbs/50kgs. For jumps, the weight needs to be 136 lbs/62kgs The average height of the jockey is around 5 ft 3 to 4 inches!