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బాదం పప్పుతో ఇలాగా బర్ఫీ చేసుకోండి నోట్లో వేసుకుంటే కరిగిపోతాయి | Badam Burfi Recipe |Diwali Special

Variety Vantalu
Variety Vantalu
Learn how to make #BadamBurfi (#బాదాంబర్ఫీ )at home only on Variety Vantalu.

Celebrate the joyous festival of #Diwali with delicious and delightful Badam Burfi.

1 cup of almonds
1/4 the tsp of saffron strands
2 tbsp milk
3/4 the cup of sugar
½ cup of water
1 tsp of ghee
¼ tsp of cardamom powder

- Soak almonds in hot water for an hour and then peel off the almond skin.
- Pat dry the almonds with a napkin.
- Grind the almonds into a fine powder.
- Soak some saffron strands into milk for 5 minutes
- In a saucepan add sugar and water and keep stirring until the sugar dissolves.
- Once it comes to boil check the consistency of sugar syrup.
- Once it is ready to add the almond powder and mix everything properly
- Add the saffron infused milk and keep stirring
- Add ghee and cardamom powder
- Once the almond mixture stops sticking the pan, turn off the flame
- Remove it immediately in a greased plate
- Spread it on to a tray with the help of a steel bowl which is greased with ghee.
- Garnish it with almond flakes, dab them down.
- Before the barfi cools down completely cut it down into square pieces.
- Let the baurfi set for at least half an hour
- Flip it over and un mold it.
- Almond Burfi is ready to be served.

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