How 5 of your favorite cocktails got their names

  • 6 years ago
Sex on the Beach : The invention of the cocktail dates back to 1987 in Florida, USA. A bartender thought what the main reason for people to visit Florida in their Spring Break was. The answer? The Beach and Sex.

Cuba Libre : “Cuba Libre,” a mixture of Bacardi Rum and Coca-Cola with a twist of lime, translates to “Free Cuba” and celebrates the Caribbean island’s independence from Spain.

Old Fashioned : When it became popular in the late 1800s to introduce liqueurs into cocktail recipes, the older, more basic recipes that omitted them, became known as “old fashioned” cocktails.

Mimosa : The mimosa takes its name from the mimosa plant, Acacia dealbata, which produces bright orange-yellow flowers, just like the color of mixed champagne and orange juice.

Bellini : The pale orange-red color of a classic Bellini cocktail reportedly reminded its inventor, Giuseppe Cipriani, of a similar color often used in paintings by the Venetian artist Giovanni Bellini.