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How to Flush Motorcycle Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is a wear and tear component on all vehicles. After about two years, brake fluid has deteriorated and will need to be replaced. This is due to the moisture and air from the brake system that the fluid absorbs, as well as heat cycling in the fluid from regular use.\r
When flushing your brake fluid, be sure to pick a type of fluid that meets your performance needs, as well s a type that will meet the requirements for your vehicle. In this case, the motorcycle required DOT3 brake fluid or higher, but I instead used DOT4 RBF600, a compound specifically designed for race bike applications.\r
When flushing your brake fluid, attach a hose to the bleeder line on your caliper. Apply pressure to the pedal/lever, and then open the valve. After the pedal bottoms out, close the bleeder valve and release the pedal. This will force new fluid down into the line and push the old fluid out the valve. Repeat this process as many times as needed to remove all air bubbles and old fluid from the lines.\r
Be very careful when bleeding your brakes not to let the reservoir drain completely, or you will put an air bubble in your brake line and have to start the process over again. Generally a good guideline is to watch how much goes out from every cycle, and leave at least enough brake fluid in the bottom to cover one extra cycle before refilling.\r
Replacing your brake fluid will improve braking feel and performance overall.\r
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