Simple how-to: Change brake fluid & bleed brakes on your car

6 лет назад
Easy DIY how to: Replacing the brake fluid and bleeding the brakes on any vehicle, using a one-person system with a home-made bleeder kit. This is the simple, reliable, quick, and reasonably idiot proof way of flushing your brakes without assistance.\r
Brake fluid should be changed every two years as a general service item, regardless of mileage. You also follow this procedure with regard to bleeding, if you identify air or water in the brake system.\r
You will need:\r
* Newly bought replacement brake fluid, a good quantity for small vehicles is about 1 liter/quart. Do not use aged or previously opened fluid. Amazon US: | UK: \r
* A brake bleed kit - Amazon US: | UK: .\r
* . Or, make one yourself as shown: A small transparent container of limited diameter, around 1/4 or 1/3 liter, to bleed into.\r
* and transparent PVC tube to fit your caliper nipples. Be aware that size can vary from front to rear brakes.\r
* Waste container for old fluid\r
* Spanner or adjustable wrench to work bleed valve nuts. Ideally you should use flare nut types - Amazon US: | UK: \r
* Jack and axle stands, or other way to lift car off wheels\r
* Lug nut wrench / wheel brace, and possibly locking nut key, to remove wheels\r
* Brake clean. Amazon US: | UK: \r
* Rags.\r
The car featured is a Ford Mondeo Mk3 (2000–2007) but the procedure is universal.\r
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