Two scraggly looking chicks will grow into beautiful rainbow birds

  • 5 years ago
Two tiny scraggly lorikeet chicks can now grow up to become stunning rainbow-coloured birds - thanks to being SAVED by zoo-keepers who are hand-rearing them. The two tiny chicks were hatched in the zoo last month, weighing just 20 grams and 27 grams. But after their father became ill and their mother wasn't feeding them enough, the lives of the undernourished chicks hung in the balance. But thankfully, after being syringe-fed up to five times a day by keepers at Bristol Zoo Gardens, the two nestlings now weigh over 100 grams each, and are thriving. And although they are still small and scruffy, the pair of chicks have started to develop the striking red, blue, yellow and green plumage on their chests of fully-grown rainbow lorikeets.