Village butcher breaks sausage-making world record

  • last month
A butcher in a quiet village has broken a world record - for the number of sausages made in one minute.

Gavin Reynolds, 49, filled 83 Lincolnshire sausages and linked them together in 60 seconds to win the prestigious Guinness World Record.

Last week he received his official certificate and said it was "quite something".

Gavin has owned J W Baxter Butchers in Clifton, Beds for the last 24 years and his experience in sausage-making came in handy.

The father-of-two said: "It's fantastic. It is still sinking it because I never thought I'd be a Guinness World Record holder.

"I've been making sausages for over 30 years now and when I heard about this record, I thought I could beat it.

"I gave it a go with a few practice rounds and when I hit 80 sausages in a minute mark, it made me think I could definitely do it - then I did."

The video of his world record attempt shows how quickly Gavin is able to link the sausages together under time pressure.

The butcher said he looked into the previous world record holder - Barry John Crowe from Ireland who was dubbed the 'Willy Wonka of sausages'.

Gavin explained: "I found out there was a world record for the most amount of sausages made in one minute, from a man called Barry John Crowe in Cavan in Ireland.

"His record was 78 and I thought I could beat this, so that was when I applied to the Guinness World Records.

“It takes many years of practice to be able to get that quick.

"I started from a very young age and butchery is in my blood as my grandad and dad were also butchers.

"In a year I would say I make about 50,000 sausages.”

The sausages must be filled and linked together to a minimum of four inches long and Gavin's 83 sausages crowned him the new record holder.

An adjudicator would have cost Gavin £6,000 so he rallied together his own witnesses and a time keeper for his record attempt on January 17.

He added: "I'm going to hang my certificate properly in the shop so everyone can see it.

"We're a local butchers so it is nice to have something like this in the village."