Frozen waste leaked from airplane collected by Indian villagers mistaken for meteor - TomoNews

  • 6 years ago
FAZILPUR BADLI VILLAGE, INDIA — Indian villagers found what they thought was a frozen meteor, but turns out it was actually frozen feces.

The frozen "meteor" reportedly crashed into a farmer's field on Saturday.

Meteors can be worth lots of money, so people flocked to the field and gathered pieces of the rock to stash them in their refrigerators.

The yellow-brown "meteor" was said to be around 20 pounds and had a transparent surface that resembled ice.

A group of scientists from India's Meteorological Department conducted research on the samples of the "meteor", and surprise — the meteor was actually frozen human feces.

Folks later learned that their refrigerators were preserving airplane poop this whole time, so they had to clean everything in their houses that had come in contact with the "meteor".

Aviation experts said human waste that leaks or is discarded from the sewage system of an airplane usually turns into clumps ice in the time that it takes to reach the ground.