What Do Bodybuilders Think Is The Sexiest Body Part? | Sex, Love & Bodybuilding

6 years ago
What body part turns on bodybuilders and fitness obsessives the most?

Bodybuilders, regardless of division, are admirers of the human form. That is why they toll away in the gym and in the kitchen to sculpt the perfect body. They look at themselves in the mirror constantly. Look at others constantly. The human physique is a constant focus in all aspects of life. So how does this affect sex and romance for bodybuilders?

In our premiere episode of Sex, Love, & Bodybuilding - Akim Williams and Margarita Ventura dive right into discovering what body parts are the sexiest to bodybuilders. In an industry where every athlete is so critical of the human form... what kind of physical aspects get them turned on? Hot and bothered? Revved up and ready to "go?"

In the course of discussing their personal favorite body parts, Akim and Margarita also touch upon body part fetishes and discuss what is the strangest sexual thing they had ever seen happen in the gym. Watch the full episode above!

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