Pierrot Lunaire - album Pierrot Lunaire 1974

  • 7 anni fa
The debut self titled album of Italian prog band Pierrot Lunaire is an album inspired by classical music, sweet music, drums and percussions almost absent and medieval and fantastic themes make it a master in his genre. The text are set in fantastic realms, including kings, invaders, narcissistic and primitive praxis, as well as a bit of magic.
"Pierrot Lunaire" is an album for those who appreciate the soft electro-acustic dreamy side of Italian prog of the 70s.

Arturo Stalteri - vocals, keyboards, percussion.
Gaio Chiocchio - vocals, guitars, keyboards, sitar.
Vincenzo Caporaletti - guitar, bass, flute.

Overture XV.
Lady Ligeia.
Verso il lago.
Il re di Raipure.
Sotto i ponti.
La saga della Primavera.