School bus driver takes risky shortcut through flooded river

  • 7 years ago
A school bus driver takes a risky shortcut - driving through a flooded river with a coach full of young pupils.

The coach packed with students and teachers accelerated across the San Isidro River in Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines.

Heavy rains had caused it to swell and after the vehicle plunged into a deeper part, strong currents almost washed it away.

But luckily the driver’s gamble paid off and the bus emerged safely on the other side of the river on October 20.

Onlooker Jerlyn Dalagan said: ‘’I held my breath when the bus was crossing. It looked like it wasn’t going to make it over. It could have been a disaster.’'

Local officials said that vehicles sometimes take the shortcut across that part of the creek.

Christopher Ebal from the Department of Public Works and Highways said they were now raising funds for a bridge.

He said: ‘’The river is really unsafe especially during the rainy season. We tried to use a steel structure but it got destroyed. We really need a bridge.’’