Incredible Footage Shows Great White Shark Playing With Camera

  • 7 years ago

Scientists from Massey University in New Zealand got up close and personal with a great white shark while on a recent research expedition to the Southwest Pacific.A video shared to the University’s YouTube channel on October 27 shows the shark playing with the research team’s camera equipment. It was filmed using a baited remote underwater video (BRUV) set, which consists of two video cameras and a canister of bait attached to a steel frame“The shark calmly circled the bait for a few minutes before approaching the gear and giving it a few ‘curiosity bites’. It then effortlessly picked up the entire BRUV set, swam with it up to the surface, and then dropped it back to the sea floor. It did this a total of three times, before losing interest and swimming off,” according to Massey scientist Dr Adam Smith. Credit: YouTube/Massey University via Storyful