Mobile Legends [REPLAY] Natalia Glass Blade skin,40Kill!!! builds [MVP] by Emperor_Fear [1

6 years ago
Mobile Legends - New Hero Natalia Gameplay Disclaimer : this is not me , Before I post this video I have ask his permission to upload his gameplay to my .
Mobile Legends Gameplay - Episode 52: Natalia | Physical Emblem | Burst Damage Gameplay [1.1.68] Retribution Battle Spells Natalia Builds, Tips , and .
DAMNNN NATALIAAAAAAAAA I love her so much she so stronk T_T !! Enjoy this totally REKT gameplay =) I play on PC using Memu, check the video that .
Natalia Best Build [Rank 1 Natalia] | Natalia Gameplay and Build By 수능만점 Mobile Legends. #MLBB .