6 years ago

TOP 10 FASTEST TRAINS in the World! Collection of the 10 most rapid and expensive high speed trains

List of 10 fastest trains in the world are :

1. Japanese maglev L0series : the fastesrt train in the world with speed of 603km/h (374mph).it can cover a mile in just 10 seconds.

2. TGV, france : with the tests conducted in 2007.it reached 574.8 km/h(357.2mph) making it the second fastest train in the world and first in europe.

3. Shanghai maglev : former world fastest train uses magnetic levitation technology to reach high speeds upto 501 km/h (311 mph).

4. CRH380A,China.

5. N700 series shinkansen, japan.

6. HEMU 430X, South korea.

7. Frecciarossa 1000, Italy.

8. TALGO 350 , spain.

9. ICE 3, Germany.

10. THSR 700T, Taiwan.


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