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Top 10 Fastest trains in the world || Amazing Compilation of the High speed Trains[HD

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With the development of newer and better technology, trains are getting faster over time.many countries have developed their own high speed rail networks.these modern high speed trains covers hundreds of miles within minutes.with these fastest trains,travelling between the cities is becoming much easier and comfortable.

Europe and several Asian countries are becoming competitive in making the fastest trains in the world. japan leads the world with their oldest and successful high speed rail network. they started making the fastest trains back in the 60's.now Japanese bullet trains shinkansen are the fastest in the world.china also rapidly improving their high speed rail network .with the new magnetic levitation technology china introducing many maglev trains breaking the speed records.

*CORRECTION : Frecciarossa 1000 speed was shown as 220 mph, the actual speed is 248.5 mph.

In this video,you will see the 10 fastest trains that are leading the world in 2016.
List of 10 fastest trains in the world are :

1. Japanese maglev L0series : the fastesrt train in the world with speed of 603km/h (374mph).it can cover a mile in just 10 seconds.

2. TGV, france : with the tests conducted in 2007.it reached 574.8 km/h(357.2mph) making it the second fastest train in the world and first in europe.

3. Shanghai maglev : former world fastest train uses magnetic levitation technology to reach high speeds upto 501 km/h (311 mph).

4. CRH380A,China.

5. N700 series shinkansen, japan.

6. HEMU 430X, South korea.

7. Frecciarossa 1000, Italy.

8. TALGO 350 , spain.

9. ICE 3, Germany.

10. THSR 700T, Taiwan.


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