Men in Indonesia are using a baldness cure to grow beards

  • 7 years ago
INDONESIA — We’ve all seen them: the thick, luxurious lumberjack beards that have sprouted on fashionable males from New York to London, to Berlin and Sydney.

It seems we’ve finally reached peak beard. But, thanks to genetics, it’s a phenomenon so far limited just about everyone who’s, well, not Asian.

Until now. Enter Fariz Gamal - he’s one one-man mission to help his Indonesian brothers accentuate their masculinity through facial hair. And he’s using a popular baldness cure to do it.

Fariz’s fascination with beards began when he noticed the facial hair trend gripping Europe and the US. Why should only his caucasian cousins enjoy the masculine allure that a beard can provide? Fariz had made up his mind: a lush carpet of facial foliage - that’s what makes a real man.

By while despondent that his Asian DNA has had put the promise of increased studliness cruelly beyond his reach, he discovered the solution: Cut-price minoxidil, the popular hair re-growth serum, could be shipped to Indonesia directly from the US.

Minoxidil is the go-to cure for men with male pattern baldness. But it also has a no-so-secret off-label use: it works on the face, too.

Fariz quickly set up a business marketing the stuff through YouTube, Instagram and char apps for men across Indonesia. Not only has he made a killing, he says the stuff helped him get his current girlfriend.

And his customers are happy. Social media is filled with before and after photos from fellas who’ve transformed using minoxidil.

What do you think? If women can use anything under the sun to improve their looks, it is weird for men to do the same?