6 years ago

Oscar Winner Viola Davis Doesn't Carry the Oscar With Her

Splash News TV
Splash News TV
Hey! It’s Oscar winner Viola Davis!

[SOT: Viola, how are you? Congratulations.]

Fresh off of her triumphant victory in the 2017 Academy Awards, Viola was jetting out of Hollywood and we were curious…Now that she is an Oscar winner, what does she plan on doing with her trophy?

[SOT: I gotta ask, do you carry the Oscar with you?

Viola: Oh my God, no.

You don’t check it in?

Viola: No

You don’t carry it with you?

Viola: I don’t want anyone to rob it. I don’t want to have to take anyone down.]

Woah! Dually noted. Viola Davis is a veritable badass! So, now that we know she’s not carrying her Oscar around LAX, we had an idea where the safest place to put her award would be.


Pap: With the husband maybe?

Viola: Yeah, put it next to the Emmy]

Daaang, this just got real! Viola is pulling some decorated weight here! We knew she was powerful on screen, but those are some strong real life remarks as well! Truthfully, Viola is one of the more recognizable faces in Tinsel town after picking up her first Oscar win.

But according to People Magazine, it took her years to become a strong, confident woman who just became the most nominated black actress of all time.

Now, we’re just excited for what lies ahead for this shining star.