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The survival plan: 3 workouts to transform your body into an unbreakable machine

Men's Fitness
Men's Fitness
What if you actually had to push, pull, or even carry something incredibly heavy? How about sprint, jump, or climb? And would you have the stamina to do if for a sustained amount of time? Looking big, strong, and durable is one thing—being big, strong, and durable is another. (Not sure where you stand: Try these 10 best workout challenges to test your limits).Instead of training for the pump, use this program to prepare your body to apply all of that size, strength, power, and endurance. This program has been designed and demonstrated by Mike Counihan, a New York City law enforcement officer and group training instructor. Follow him on Instagram @nodonutshere.Want FOUR complete 21-day programs + a diet plan in an easy to follow PDF format? DOWNLOAD The 21-Day Shred and Shred Series!HOW IT WORKSThis program is built off of several foundational moves—presses, deadlifts, rows, and squats. However, as each day progresses, you'll be met with a different challenge. In day one the battle ropes come out to test your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. What you thought was a typical "chest day" is now burning up your shoulders, arms, and even your lungs. Day two is a whole lot of pulling, but there's a twist when the sled comes out. This total-body device will turn everything on full blast—chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, and your lunges. And finally, there's day three, which is likely to be the most confusing for the body—in a good way. Front-racked hang cleans to walking lunges are equally as challenging for the muscles as they are for the lungs, plus the slight awkwardness will add to the difficulty. And deadlifts with farmer's walks will turn up the intensity on the basic tough-guy lift. And for whatever gas remains in your tank and in your legs, jump squats will finish it off. When it comes to survival, you need to take your body to the brink of failure—and beyond.DIRECTIONSRest 90-120 seconds after repetitions of 6 and below. Rest 60 seconds after repetitions above 6. For resistance, select a weight in which you reach muscular failure for the prescribed number of repetitions. Do these workouts on non-consecutive days for two to four weeks.THE WORKOUTSDAY ONE: Push Focus + Cardio Conditioning ComponentBench press : 10, 10, 6, 4, 4
Incline bench press: 10, 10, 6, 4, 4
Push-up variations (3) 3 set of 25 per variation
Battle rope variations (3) 30 seconds per variation for 3 rounds
Dips: 3 sets of 25DAY TWO: Pull Focus + Cardio Conditioning ComponentDeadlifts: 10, 10, 6, 4, 2, 1
Bent over rows: 10, 10, 6, 4, 4
Sled pull with rope + push back: 20 yards for 4 rounds
Pulldowns: 10, 10, 8, 6, 4,
Dumbbell rows 15, 10, 10, 8, 8DAY THREE: Lower-body Focus + Cardio Conditioning ComponentSquat: 15, 10, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2,
Hang clean to walking lunges: 20 yards for 3 rounds
Deadlift with hex bar walk: 10 reps with 20 yard walks for 5 rounds
Jump squat: as many reps as possible in 30 seconds for 4 rounds