Scary Nursery Rhymes | Happy Halloween Songs | Scary Nursery Rhymes For Kids

  • 8 years ago
The Happy Halloween Song... A scary nursery rhyme to scare all those monsters! While other rhymes are going to have a good laugh and playtime! Being another scary song, the Spider In My Shoe won’t enjoy it. The people on the bus will jump and dance each time a monster is afraid! Jack And Jill will do the same once they go up the hill. Daddy’s New Car will show its joy by honking loudly! The Incy Wincy Spider will tease those creatures and ask if they need a hiding place in the spout! Oh! Nursery rhyme have been waiting for a chance to sing and play... As monsters bite their nails! Now nursery songs have it with this rhymes compilation! You babies don’t want to miss out on all the fun, do you all? Then, play the kids songs collection right away!