Scary Pumpkin | Nursery Rhymes | Songs For Kids And Children | Happy Halloween

  • 6 years ago
The Scary Pumpkin Song has all signs of fright. Because as the scary nursery rhyme begins, the Scary Pumpkin appears in the dark dustbin. The moon turns all white. The spooky girl appears behind the flaming skull. And the clock ticks scarily all night. Then, we know. . . Its Halloween! These two children wondering out of their home probable didnt realize it. Until they saw ghouls standing behind them and laughing. The zombies talking a walk in the open and the mousse disappear right in front of their eyes! Now theyre scared! But singing along to the Scary Pumpkin Song is helping them deal with the eeries. You babies can take notes from these children and prepare for fright! Sing the scary rhyme, to ease through the rest of the compilation.