Black Bear Cub With Creamy White Coat Baffles Scientists

  • 8 years ago
A black bear cub recently seen in British Columbia has a creamy white coat.

Black bears are usually, well, black, but a wildlife worker in British Columbia spotted one of a decidedly different color, reports the Weather Network. 
A cub recently seen on Whistler-Blackcomb mountain has a creamy white coat.
An area guide was able to snap photos of the little one, but experts who have examined the images remain unsure why it has such a unique coat.
According to CBC News, one possibility is the 5-month old is a Kermode, a light-furred black bear subspecies. 
Another theory proposes the cub is an albino. 
Either way, experts hope to soon find out for sure. 
They do caution against people rushing to find the bear, as becoming acclimated to humans will diminish the animal’s already slim chances of survival.