Terrifying near-miss caught on dashcam in Yorkshire

  • 8 years ago
Terrifying footage has emerged of a near-miss involving two vehicles on a wet road in Yorkshire, UK last week.

The footage, captured by a dashcam, shows the moment a vehicle pulls out into the driver's path. He's forced to swerve away just at the last second, with a screaming passenger, to avoid disaster.

The filmer wrote online: "Driving home from work, the weather wasn't too good and the roads were wet.

"After a car turns left into a junction in front of me, another driver decides to pull out of that junction directly in front of me completely blocking my lane.

"At this point, it is impossible for me to stop as I am travelling at almost 60mph with only meters before the inevitable collision.

"My passenger screams and I yell out. Somehow I manage to swerve into the opposite lane and miss the front of the other drivers car by what looks and felt like millimetres at most!"