Staten Island Man KILLED after NYPD Cop Puts Him In CHOKEHOLD For Breaking Up a FIGHT!!

8 yıl önce
The NYPD banned chokeholds in 1993, but just because NYPD made NYPD illegal chokeholds doesnt mean police officers stopped using it. Please see NYPD .\r
New York City police officers killed a man Thursday after he had broken up a fight between two other men, insisting on placing him in a chokehold and slamming .\r
The recent killing of Eric Garner — a man killed by NYPD Officers while using an illegal chokehold to restrain him— is just apiece in a larger puzzle of .\r
43-year old Eric Garner dead after police allegedly use excessive force. Advocates and family members are demanding answers following the death of a man .

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